If you’re looking for the freshest, highest quality citrus, no other name is as recognized as Sunkist. Whatever the month, whatever the season, there’s a ripe, juicy Sunkist® citrus variety ready to boost your ticket averages.

Quality & Freshness

Sunkist is the most widely recognized name in the citrus category, a brand customers trust to consistently deliver fresh, delicious, premium quality citrus. Sunkist quality stems from generations of growing experience and hand-picking each piece fruit with care.

Each piece of Sunkist citrus is held to the highest standards throughout its journey from our farms to tables everywhere. All our citrus is inspected for quality and consistency, and to ensure it complies with the strictest regulations and Sunkist standards for food safety, packaging, and labeling.

Experience our growers’ passion for growing fresh, quality citrus can be seen in the video below.

Today’s consumer wants more options on the menu. They’re seeking new, bolder flavors, and Sunkist citrus is the poster fruit for the mega-trend toward fresh and nutritious dining. Sunkist helps you deliver your customer’s demands by adding a fresh, enticing, flavorful taste to your menu.

Sunkist citrus is grown in ideal conditions, picked at its peak of flavor and ripeness, and then delivered fresh to your operation.

Innovation & sustainability

With a focus on the future, many Sunkist growers have adopted sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly approaches, including the use of solar power, water-saving irrigation systems and low-emission vehicles. Learn more about our farmers’ sustainable growing practices in the following videos.

Sunkist growers believe in the benefits that sustainable practices offer and are committed to protecting and preserving the land they farm. Many of our growers have farmed their land for generations, and intend to pass that land onto their children—making innovation in sustainability deeply personal for their families.

As part of our commitment to reducing waste, the cooperative is finding and expanding markets for citrus that do not meet Sunkist’s standards for retail or foodservice sale. This fruit is processed in a wide variety of products, helping ensure that nothing usable is wasted. To learn more, read a case study on Sunkist’s citrus processing.

Sunkist has a history of innovation and stewardship that is also demonstrated in our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Our initiative to obtain Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certification highlights this effort and illustrates our commitment in making continual improvements to our package manufacturing process. To learn more, read a case study about our sustainable packaging.

Meet our Families

Sunkist growers have deep roots in citrus. Generations of farmers were raised in the orchards where their parents (and grandparents) grew citrus, each generation passing down their knowledge to the next. Our growers’ passion for their land and their families is echoed in every piece of fruit that finds its way from their farms to your table.

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